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Our story

Welcome to the world of Shake it Baby!

Famous for it’s bold, distinctive and sophisticated snow globes, Shake it Baby is founded in 2015 by Marie-Jose van den Ende.
Her idea to combine snowballs with uplifting quotes were inspired by unique lessons in life, an ode to positive energies, freedom and happiness.

Shake it Baby is known for bringing objects from our childhood to life and make them contemporary and stylish. For example, when you shake a snowball, it immediately brings you back in your carefree childhood. We have made them extra large and bold and filled them with empowering and funny quotes and distinctive illustrations in an arty collage-style.
Use it to revamp your desk or personalize it with your favorite pictures and quotes.

This year, we introduced “Shaking Greeting Cards”, folded greeting cards with inspiring persons whose profile we have replaced for a very fine chain. By shaking the card, the chain makes very funny faces.
On the back part of the card we have added a famous quotes for more fun and inspiration.

Our unique products are a perfect gift, to brighten up one’s day and provoke a smile.

“Each day is a gift. Open it. Celebrate. Enjoy”

Our snowballs and greeting cards are handcrafted with joy and love in social ateliers in Amsterdam by very talented, disabled people.

The paper that we use for our greeting cards is sustainable and made from trees in Sweden. All cards are printed in our Amsterdam based printing house.