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"Life is a gift. Open it. Celebrate. Enjoy!"

Nowadays,  snowglobes often symbolize childhood, innocence, or so-called “happy days”.  When you see a snowglobe, you want to pick it up and shake. The slow swirl of snow has a dreamy effect and makes you calm. Shake it Baby is specialized in bold, distinctive snowballs, filled with inspiring quotes and sophisticated illustrations. These snowballs create smiles on everybody's face and give inspiration throughout the day. This makes it a perfect present! Using it as a paperweight on a desk, it is a beautiful and stylish little piece of art. Besides, it's easy to refill the snowglobe with your own pictures and quotes, to personalize it and make it your own treasure.
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Shake it Baby is created by Marie-José van den Ende. From an early age she was fascinated by art and fashion. It is no wonder that she became a fashion buyer and then photographer, which she still is. It was her idea to combine supersized snowballs with inspiring quotes. The Amsterdam based designer created a mini-collection to help the owner of a new, eclectic concept-store in Amsterdam, who was looking for sophisticated & distinctive gifts. The snowballs were all the time quickly sold out. This inspired her to make a brand out of it and thus began a new adventure.....

At the end of the 19th century, an Austrian producer of surgical instruments invented the so-called Schneekugel. Originally his goal was to develop an extra bright lightsource for use as a surgical lamp. As he tried to intensify the candlepower of a so-called Schusterkugel  (a water filled flask used to focus light since the Middle Ages) with particles made out of different materials for reflection purpose, the effect reminded him of snowfall and it's said that by this he got the idea for a snow globe.

Snow globes were exhibited at he Paris Exhibition of 1878 and by 1879 at least five or more companies were producing and selling snow globes throughout Europe. They became very much in vogue in the Art Deco period. Snow globes became fashionable in England as well, and, in the early 1920s, crossed the Atlantic to the United States of America where they became a popular collectors item.


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