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Custom Made Gifts

"With collaborations you never follow the same palette."   Robin Rimbaud

We love to create custom made snowglobes!

If you are for example a museum store, we would love to create with you a small collection with your own art-quotes and -images.
If your company would like to give something different to their relations or contributors with a special message, our strength is to contribute ideas to create something tailor made. 
If you want to give something special after, by example, a company party or wedding, we would like to make a personal remembrance for your guests!

Shake it Baby snowglobes are always carefully packed in beautiful boxes.
Custom made snowglobes are already possible from 100 pcs.
® Registered Design

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Shake it Baby

Nassaulaan 25 Rood
2011 PB Haarlem
The Netherlands

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